About Me

Growing up in the coastal town of Geelong, Australia, my parents established a focus on education in my formative years at school. I also heavily participated in competitive sports across all levels and predominately represented both my school and sporting clubs in everything from basketball, cricket, football, and track and field. After completing school, I moved to Melbourne and completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Human Resource Management. During my time at university, I found the game of poker and my life headed in a direction I was never expecting.

In 2007 I won a seat into the $10,000 buy-in World Series of Poker Main Event, but unfortunately there would be no fairy tale written about my trek to Las Vegas. Instead I connected with a fellow Australian working for PokerNews who gave me the opportunity to join the team and work the local state championships once I returned home. That one event ignited a passion to continue to work this side of the poker industry, and from there I was travelling across the Asia-Pacific region covering tournaments in cities I never expected to travel too.

Event #53: $1,500 No-Limit Hold’em at the 2013 WSOP

The life on the road as a poker journalist eventually led me to meeting my wife in Las Vegas in 2011, and soon after that I relocated to the mecca of the gambling world. My love of sports took a right turn as I quickly adopted the American sports culture and became deeply engrossed in the year-round dominance that the NFL and NBA deliver. The hurdle of being an ex-pat meant that my goal was to become an educated sports fan – not just another armchair expert. I immersed myself in learning everything about these two leagues from analytics, to game strategy, and team construction.

When I’m not traveling the tournament circuit, spending time with my two kids, or playing in a mid-week soccer league, I’m working on expanding my writing skills and increasing my knowledge so that I can work as both a poker and sports journalist in the future.

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Current Work Projects and Aspirations
Currently building a website that will act as a resource of knowledge for the poker media industry. It will provide answers to the many questions and obstacles that are encountered in the industry, and will also be used to assist in the development and emergence of other members of the poker media industry.

Although my writing career has been spent predominately in the poker and gaming industry, my goal is to not just be pegged as a poker writer as I’m looking to expand into other topics such as sports, features, travel, and whatever else may cross my path.

At the peak of my playing, I began constructing an advanced two-volume poker book on mixed games with a heavy Game Theory Optimal (GTO) approach titled Advanced Draw Poker Concepts: Ace-to-5 and 2-7 Triple Draw, and Advanced Draw Poker Concepts: Badugi, Badacey, and Badeucey. With mixed games continuing to flourish at the same time I’m wanting to write more, I plan on working towards expanding concepts for these two books and finding the right poker players and intellectuals to help develop it into a must-read for any mixed game poker player.

Current Poker Aspirations
Although the early part of my poker career I focused on playing tournaments and chasing wins and trophies, goals and aspirations change once you have a family at home. With time scarcely spread between a wife, two kids, and a life working on the road as a freelance poker journalist, I have transitioned to cash games when I do get a chance to play. I can be found playing anywhere from $1-2 to $2-5 No-Limit Hold’em, or $4-8 to $20-40 mixed games, however nothing will beat the rush of running deep in a tournament.

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