PokerNews Magazine Contributions

Melbourne Champs Form Guide (April/May 2009)
Victorian Poker Champs Form Guide (June/July 2009)
Australian Poker Pentagon (June/July 2009)
PokerNews Cup Form Guide (September 2009)

Behind The Scenes of the Australian Poker Hero (November/December 2009, pg. 70-71)
Aussie Millions Champions (January/February 2010, pg. 46-47)
Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series IV: Sam Welch Takes Title Back to Tassie (May/June 2010, pg. 91-91)
Kozlov Overcomes Final Obst-acle (November/December 2010, pg. 86-87)
Student Dishes Out Lesson (November/December 2010, pg. 88-89)
APT Lures Big Game Back to Macau (January/February 2011, pg. 90-91)
The Kim & Im Show as Korea Goes Back-to-Back in Cebu (January/February 2011, pg. 92)
Tourist Earns Valuable Souvenir (January/February 2011, pg. 93)
Joe Hachem Deep Stack Series VI: Number 6 Tran (May/June 2011, pg. 92-93)

*magazine excerpts coming soon